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Micro ATK Triple Coil – équaliseur ATK 3-Band – accastillage chromé – corps frêne – manche ATK4 érable – touche palissandre 22 cases frets jumbo – chevalet ATK4The ATK may be the most straight-forward bass in the entire Ibanez line. This simple rock n’roll bass with a punk attitude combines a large ash body with a maple neck for big tight sounds. The special ATK triple coil pickups can only be found on these basses. Coupled with the 3-band EQ, this bass can generate some serious low end punch.ATK BridgeWith the ingenious ATK bridge, you have the option to string through-the-body for increased low end and more sustain, or through-the-bridge for slightly more high end and attackSpecificationneck type 3pc ATK4 Maple neckbody Light Ash bodyfret Jumbo fretsbridge ATK4 bridge (19mm string spacing)bridge pu ATK Triple coil puequaliser ATK 3-band eqstring Elixir® stringshardware color Chrome


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